From the smallest details, to the grandest projects.

SmartBid lets you:


• Easily handle the project planning tasks

• Construction Estimate with BIM

• Estimate project cost and foresee the changes of total 

• cost due to changes in schedule

• Visualize resource planning

• Sensitivity analysis to forecast risks


Construction-Oriented, Model-Based Project Planning.

Matches your construction plan "from the smallest details, to the grandest projects".


Activity Planning

It is easier than ever before, you can plan for the project activities and their quantity simply by linking from 3D model with the automatic quantity take-off. SmartBid makes your BIM truly 5D, it is currently support Revit,  Tekla and IFC.


 SmartBid helps you to get both the cost and the schedule  This tool also analyzes the influence of project’s delays on baseline cost when investing more equipments and labours.                                                                                                           

Resource Plan

SmartBid helps you easily estimate total quantity and the periodic consumption of materials, labours and equipments. SmartBid also allows you to assign an efficiency rate for each resources to compensate their lost due to transportation, maintenance or management.

Project Cost Estimate

SmartBid calculates the baseline cost (that the contractor can offer without making a loss) according to the task quantity and price list. It also shows which resource or component has the most effect on the cost of the whole project in a graphical chart.                                                           

Sensitivity Analysis

Construction market is always dynamic and uncertain. Therefore, the contractors who are working in this environment have their own strategy to adapt. SmartBid provides a tool for sensitivity analysis which proposes different scenarios, base on the changes of resource price and the fluctuation of exchange rate.

Payment Plan

Payment plan helps contractors estimate project’s future cash flow, which is very important when analyze financial risk. SmartBid can visualize your payment plan base on project cash in-flow and cash out-flow.