At Harmonysoft, we offer IT services for people from the construction and construction-related fields.


Building offshore development team

  •  Product Development
  •  Customized Development
  •  Product maintenance
  •  New solution/Application Development



Construction related services

  •  Software development life cycle
  •  ERP/PLM (Project Lifecycle Management) Solution for 


  •  BIM/CAD/GIS 3D solutions/tool


  • Consulting service
  • Mobile application/solution development
  • Testing
  • Cloud computing
  • Authorised distributor


We are skilled on these technologies:

  • Programming Languages: .Net, C, C++, Visual C++, MC ++, C#, Object C, ASP.Net; SharePoint
  • Platform: iOS, Android, HTML5, Java, PHP, WebGL, Apache, Tomcat • Database: MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL ...
  • AutoCAD: Object ARX, ActiveX, OLE/COM


And other such as:

  • MVC 2,3,4 and Webform
  • Open GL, OpenGIS, Gmap API
  • MFC, WCF, WPF, MEF ...
  • Agile Methodology, SCRUM practices